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About our 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool

Our hack tool is finally ready for public release. After many weeks of intense work we have accomplished our primary goal: develop and exclusive and working online hack tool for 8 Ball Pool players. This is not like those glitchy aimbot hacks or anything like that (which will get you banned really fast by the way). Unlike those crappy programs, our hack tool is able to generate unlimited cash and coins into your account. That way, you can buy the best cues availables on 8 Ball Pool store, and get a significat advantage over the rest of the players, without running the risk of using a third-party program bot that can get you easily banned.

That's not a problem anymore. You won't be using any risky program while you're playing. With our online hack tool you'll be able to easily manage and edit the amount of cash and coins, and then do whatever you desire with them. We always recommend doing a one-time big charge so you don't have to use the tool again in a long long time, but it's up to you. What is it required in order to use it? Just your email. We don't ask any kind of password neither valuable information AT ALL. Also, it doesn't matter on which device you use to play. Either if you play on an android device, iphone, tablet, facebook, it totally works. In case that you play on an android device, you'll need to enter your GMAIL. For iOS device, your Apple ID. And last but not least, your FB Email in case that you play on the popular social network.

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A normal table of 8 Ball Pool
Are you new in the game?

Discover more about 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a fun and interactive arcade game that is extremely realistic and can be played on a variety of gaming platforms.

You can challenge your friends

You can challenge your friends to an 8 Ball Pool duel! All you need to do is make sure that you have linked your Facebook to the game account. You can do this on all of the game platforms available, whether you are playing on Facebook itself using a mobile app or playing online. If you want to directly search for a friend to play with you will need to know their player name. Simply searching their Facebook name won’t work. However, if you are playing on Facebook you can send them an invitation to play the game through the site itself. Once you have found the friend that you want to play with, all you need to do is click the ‘plus’ sign on their profile picture to add them into the game.

A normal 8 Ball Pool tournament with space for 8 players

Daily Spin & Win mini game at 8 Ball Pool.

You can earn coins and cash for free

If you want to spend actual money in the game then you can do this to purchase cash and to get some cool extras, however the primary currency of coins can be earned without you needing to pay out a penny. You will automatically earn 25 coins for every 30 minutes the game is active online and every hour the game is active on a mobile app. When you log into the game simply tap the ‘free coins’ button to retrieve the earned amount. It is also possible to earn some quick coins when you need them. You can do this by watching short adverts within the game and you will also be able to get 1 pool cash every time you level up.

You can use cues with powers

If you really want to be the best player around, then you are going to be seriously interested in the cues with powers. Currently there are a dizzying number of special cues available. Each one will consist of four different attributes at different levels. These attributes are: spin, force, aim, and time. The cue that you choose will depend on the power that you need. For example, if you have a particularly tricky shot to make you might want a powerful aim therefore you would choose a cue that is strongest in this attribute. You can purchase standard cues with powers by using your coins and you can buy premium with cash. The prices will vary depending on how powerful they are. For example, if they particularly strong in one attribute but not so strong in the others then the price will be lower than if they are strong in all four attributes. .

Different cues available at 8 Ball Pool store.

You can play mini games!

The fun doesn’t stop coming with 8 bool pool. As well as getting the enjoyment from playing this highly technical game, you can also try your luck at a variety of mini games and try to win some pretty spectacular prizes.

Spin & Win

The spin and win is a classic casino game. You spin the wheel and you have the opportunity to win one of a variety of prizes. The top prizes are pretty spectacular and they are also pretty rare, but that just makes it even more fun to try. Each day you log into 8 Ball Pool you will get one free spin.


With this game you can win up to 250 thousand coins, which would mean you never have to worry about affording that cue that you desperately need every again. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to guess in the next number in the sequence will be higher or lower than the current number. As soon as you have reached 500 coins you can cash out, or push your luck and keep going to try and reach the jackpot.

Scratch & Win

The prizes on here are generally higher than on the Spin & Win, but they are also more difficult to get. You will get a selection of cards; of which you will be asked to choose three. If you can match them then you’ll win a prize. Not every card is going to be a winner, but it’s definitely fun to try.